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Could you please, if you haven't yet (and I can't seem to find it), do the INTP functions? Pretty please. And thank you very much.



INTPs are analytical souls forever in search of new ideas and complex theories. Many of them have a natural interest in tearing things apart, be it a tangible item to see how it works or shredding an idea right in front of you to gauge whether or not it is logical.

Their Ti makes them prone to trusting their own logic more than outside sources, which gives them a mind capable of devising new concepts, ideas, philosophies, and inventions rather than relying on old systems. They accept nothing less than “pure logic,” but their logic is subjective and based on their assessment of logic, rather than tangible external facts. They channel their logic into their Ne, in their desire for constant mental stimulation and mental pursuits.

They are good at coming up with a dozen solutions to a problem, devising different theories based on a single item, and building connections between information that seems unrelated to outsiders but is apparent in their own mind. They make intuitive leaps just like Ni-users do, but theirs are not quite as quick, and based on external variables and internal information (their knowledge banks and former experiences — Si). They often like to share ideas and follow a random pattern of thought, as new ideas come to them. They are very good at noticing what is happening under the surface in addition to what is obvious; sensing connections between other people, noticing patterns of behavior and thought processes, etc.

Because they are so driven for new information, they take up, master, and abandon various interests and hobbies frequently and share the other high-up Ne-users tendency not to finish what they start; they will, however, study it until they know all the nuances, and then put it aside. Routine, predictability, and the like bore them and new things captivate their interest immediately. Their Si often weighs in by providing them information and details from their past, which they use to help build their assumptions, as well as makes them inclined to “settle” into a habitual rut and be reluctant to try out new “menial” things (if it isn’t intellectually-related, they might stay the same in some aspect of their life … like ordering the same thing for lunch every day).

Their Fe kicks in, in a laid-back approach to life and, in a healthy INTP, a general unwillingness to intentionally hurt other people’s feelings. It makes them want affirmation although they might not prioritize it (often, this manifests in desiring the respect and admiration of peers, and people they respect). It can also mean that their emotions show at times, and often makes them desire to help other people, although they aren’t always sure how to do that.

  • me on my way home from class: oh man i'm gonna get so much work done let me make a to do list and get that shit done quickly and effectively i'm so pumped
  • me the second i get home: nah